Launch of plan2gether

Oct 9, 2020

Plan2gether is launched! The main purpose has been to have an easy rota system for churches.

There are many church management systems available, but we felt there was a need for a simple system which just deals with church rotas without the bells and whistles of more complicated features which are perhaps unused or not required.

Development, design and discussions have been going on for some time now, and it is perhaps unfortunate that we are ready to launch in the middle of a pandemic when churches in the UK are closed! However, we are ready. We hope that as churches begin to reopen and activities resume the need to have a helpful rota system in place will be fulfilled by this new system plan2gether.

We will continue to add new features as time goes on, and we look forward to plan2gether becoming a necessary addition to church resources.

The support website contains help articles to get started and put together your teams and events.

At the heart of plan2gether is People. These are the people in your church or organisation who can be added or removed from the rota. People are placed in a Team and given one or more roles in the team. An example is a Worship Team which has different roles such as Drums, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Singer. A person can have more than one role in a team. An example of a single role team would be a Welcoming team, or a Reader team.

Once you have your people and teams set up you can create events, for example Sunday Morning Service. Then you can assign teams to the events and plan2gether will automatically create the rotas. These can then be edited as required.

The process of using plan2gether is explained in the Getting Started guide.

To find out more and sign up for free, go to

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