Rota privacy

Feb 20, 2022

A new feature has been added for extra privacy.

Up to now, rotas were visible by default. If someone knows the link to your plan2gether rota they can view it publicly. The reason for this has been for ease of use for your members, so that they don’t have to log in or be a user to see the rota. Display names are used for people which can be edited and this gives a degree of privacy.

However, for even more privacy, we have added a setting in the Organisation section to make the rota complately private to the public if desired.

All logged in users can view the rota, but you can also set a Passcode which you can distribute to everyone for whom you wish to allow view access. This can be changed at any time so that if someone leaves your organisation and you want to keep the rota private you can send a new Passcode to your members.

You can see the help article here

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