These are the people in the system who can appear in rotas. Each person has a name, unique display name, email address (required if a user, manager, or admin) and an optional mobile phone number to receive SMS notifications. People can be added individually or via a CSV import by the organisation admin. The import can be created from, for example, a database or spreadsheet.

Note on privacy: In the people screen, email addresses and phone numbers are only visible to administrators. When a user logs in they can see only their own email address and phone number. All other people’s email addresses and phone numbers are hidden. In the public view (not a logged in user or administrator) the people screen is not visible.


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  1. The first thing you need to do is add people to plan2gether. You should add all the people who will be used in your rotas.
    Before you start you should think about the information you will store about each person. Fields are:
  • First name – optional
  • Last name – mandatory
  • Display name – mandatory – Should be unique in the organisation. This is what the public will see if they view your organisation’s rota.
  • Email address – optional – Must be unique in the organisation if the person is to be given organisation admin, team manager or user access rights. Used for notifications, confirmation emails and password reset messages.
  • Phone number – Optional – will be used if SMS text messaging is activated. (See more in SMS section.)

Bulk upload and individual editing


  1. To do a bulk import (upload) of people,
    • Create a CSV file from a spreadsheet or database with the columns: First name, Last name, Display name, Email, Phone (as above).
    • Go to the people screen and choose Upload.
    • Browse to the saved CSV file.
    • Match the field names.
      There are two options if you have not created Display names – “Use first initial and last name” or “Use first name and last name”. Remember the Display name must be unique. Any non-unique Display names will be flagged up and should be edited manually after the upload is completed. Remember this is what the public will see.
    • Tick the “Send Welcome email” box if you want to send the Welcome email to all the people being added. This email will invite them to become a user, i.e. create a password. You can send the Welcome email later if required.
  • Adding or editing people individually
    • To add a new person – Go to people and choose Add new and complete the fields
    • To edit a person – click on their name in the list and edit the fields as required.
    • Tick the “Send Welcome email” box to send the person the Welcome email.