Notes can be attached to any instance of an event or to a team in an event. Notes are free-form text up to 1000 characters. They can be used for song lists, speaker’s requests, changes to running order etc.


Viewing, editing and sending

The notes are visible to anyone who can view rotas. A red dot appears on the notes icon if there is a note present. Notes can be for the whole event or for a team at the event. Administrators and team leaders can add/edit and send notes. The notes can be sent by email to everyone on the event rota or everyone on the team at the event.

If Rota privacy has been set then only people who know the passcode or are users can view the rotas and therefore view the notes.

Event and team notes (if present) are also included with the email reminders that are sent out to those on a rota.

Default notes

If you want the same note appearing for every instance of an event create a Default note. Default notes are added in the events page. The note can be for a team or for an event. Adding/editing a default note will NOT overwrite any existing notes for that event or team, coming up after the note is added/edited. The default note will only be added if there is no note already there. Default notes can be edited (like any other note) in the rota screen.

An example of where a default note would be useful would be for the Tea and Coffee team. A default note – “Switch on the urns at 10am and bring 2 pints of milk” saves typing in the note for each week.


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To view notes or add/edit/send (if you have permission) click on the notes icon in the rotas screen. A red dot indicates there are already notes. There is a notes icon for each instance of an event and a notes icon for each team at an event.

Adding/editing notes:

Click on the notes icon.  Click on the Edit button. Type into the box, you can enter up to 1000 characters. URLs (eg YouTube videos) can be pasted into the notes but they are stored as plain text. Click Save button to save notes.

Sending notes:

At any time, if you have permission, you can send out the notes via email to everyone in the event rota or just the team rota if the notes are for the team. Click on the notes icon then click on the Send button. If a person on the rota does not have an email address in their profile they will not get the notes! Event and team notes (if present) are also included with the email reminders that are sent out to those on a rota.

Access for adding/editing/sending:

An organisational administrator can add/edit and send notes for any event or team.

A team leader can add/edit and send notes for the team they are the leader.

Viewing notes:

Any person who can view the rota will be able to view the notes. Privacy levels for rotas can be set allowing only users or passcode holders to access rotas.

Default notes:

These can be accessed in the events screen. Organisational administrators can add/edit any default notes and team leaders can add/edit default notes for their team. Adding/editing the default notes will not overwrite any existing notes in up-coming events. The default notes will only be added if there is no note already there or there was already a default note that has not been edited.

Go to the events screen, select the event, then click on Set default notes for either an Event or a Team. Type in the default notes (up to 1000 characters). Click Save.

The notes created can be edited in the same way as any other note in the rota screen.