The default setting for viewing the rotas is public. That is, any person who knows the URL of the organization will see the rotas – events, teams and the display name of the people in the rota (see the Demo Church example: Only logged in users and administrators can edit the rota.

The rotas can be made private. ¬†Private rotas will not be visible to the public who visit the organisation’s URL. There are two options to allow viewing of private rotas:

  1. Allow only logged in users (and administrators) to view the rotas
  2. Require a passcode to view the rotas

If the rotas have been set to be private, then when a person visits the organisation’s URL, they will be asked to enter the passcode or if they are a user they can Log in to view the rotas.

Rota privacy options are set by the administrator in the organisation setting. The administrator can set a passcode in the settings. If rota privacy is set, then the Welcome email will contain information on how to view rotas.

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Rota privacy is set by the organisation’s administrator in the Organisation/Preferences page.

The default setting is public.

Anyone who visits the organisation’s plan2gether URL will be able to view the rota.

Setting rota to be private.

There are 2 options to make the rota private:

Option1: Only logged in users can view rota:

  1. Log in as organisation administrator
  2. Go to Organisation page
  3. In the Preferences pane under Rota privacy check the box “Hide rota unless logged in”
  4. Click on Save changes

Option2: Setting a passcode:

If a passcode is set then the rota is not visible until either the passcode is entered or the users logs in.

The “Hide rota unless logged in” option must first be selected before a passcode can be set. This is so that users do not need to use the passcode – they can just login to see the rota.

  1. Log in as organisation administrator
  2. Go to Organisation page
  3. In the Preference pane under Rota privacy check the box “Allow access with passcode”. The “Hide rota unless logged in” box must first be checked.
  4. Type in a passcode. The passcode is case sensitive. Use any letters, numbers or symbols. Minimum length is 6 characters maximum length is 20 characters.
  5. Click on Save changes

You should now inform the people who you want to view the rotas that they must either log in (if they are a user) or use the passcode to view the rotas. The Welcome email which is sent out (if the option is selected) when a person is added will have the passcode in the email.