• A User can set their own unavailability.
  • An Administrators can set the unavailability of anybody.

Once the unavailability date range is set, if the person is in a current rota, their name will appear with a red exclamation mark icon. The rota can be edited and a substitute person put on the rota.

If the rota has not yet been generated then the person will not appear in future rotas during the unavailability date range.

If a rota is regenerated then the unavailability of a person will be taken into account. They will not appear in the regenerated rota if they are not available.


How to Set Availability

  1. Select the person from the people list
  2. Click the green Add dates button
  3. Choose the start date for the unavailability
  4. Choose the end date for the unavailability
  5. Click Save


Watch the How to… Video:

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