SMS text messages can be sent to people who have mobile phone numbers to remind them they are on the rota. The “cost” of each text message is 1 credit. Credits can be purchased in the Organisation screen by the admin.

The organisation will get 50 free SMS Credits when they first take out a subscription to plan2gether.

This is what the organisation admin has access to:

From Church panel the admin can:

  • View the balance of SMS Credits
  • Purchase SMS Credits

From the Preferences panel the admin can:

  • Set a time for sending notifications – this can be in hours or days before the event is due to take place. So for example, if the Sunday service is at 11:00 and the reminder is set for 3 days – at 11:00 on Thursday people on the rota for that service will receive a notification. This is a global setting and applies to all events unless a notification time is set for a specific event.
  • Set whether notifications are sent by email or SMS text or both. Emails have no cost. SMS messages are 1 Credit per message.

The SMS message is sent to the phone number stored in the person’s profile.

Note: To save characters in the SMS message the short URL for the organisation is used. For example “” would be “”. The short URL is displayed in the organisation screen.

Example of an SMS text Notification:

SMS example