The rota displays the people who are scheduled in for each event for upcoming weeks. The number of weeks is determined by the organisation admin – the default is 4 weeks.

Viewing and editing

The whole rota can be manually edited by the organisation admin. A team rota and team notes can be edited by a team manager, and an individual user can edit their entries in the rota. Previous rotas can be viewed by using the date filter.

If Rota privacy has been set then only people who know the passcode or are users can view the rotas.


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To view the rota, go to the rota page. There are two views – list and calendar, selected by using the button at the top of the page. Anyone who is not logged in to plan2gether will be able to view the rota – display names only. Where a person appears in 2 or more teams or in 2 roles in a team, for the same event an orange exclamation mark icon will appear beside their name. Exclusivity is not enforced because it may be possible to perform multiple roles at one event, for example, the worship leader might also play acoustic guitar. If a person has made themselves unavailable their name will appear with a red exclamation mark icon. For more information about Availability click here

Setting a date range:

By default the rotas will be displayed from today’s date. To view rotas between any 2 dates use the calendar tool to set the start and end dates. Click the check box to “Select date range”. To revert to the default view un-check the “Select date range” box.

Filtering by team or event:

Using the Teams or Events button, the view can be changed to show only selected teams or events. This will be remembered by your browser between sessions. A filter icon appears in the button if a filter is active.

Editing a rota:

Only users, team managers and admins can edit the people in a rota. To edit the people in a rota, click the Edit rota button. If you have a login, depending on the access rights of your login, you will be able to do the following:

  1. User rota editing:
    A user can edit the people in any rota where they are a member of a single role team or belong to the role in a multi role team. This allows them to swap with another person or remove themselves if they are not available.
  2. Team manager rota editing:
    A team manager can edit the people in the rota for any teams they manage.
  3. Organisation admin rota editing:
    The admin can edit any people in any part of the rota.

Viewing, Adding and Editing Notes:

Notes can be added for an event or for a team in a rota for each instance of the event. Notes are visible to anyone (public). The notes icon will have a red “dot” to indicate there is a note present. Click on the note icon to view the note.

Notes can be added and/or edited by the organisation admin, or for a team, by the team manager. To add or edit a note click on the note icon.

For more information on Sending notes and Default notes click here